Bio: Chris Frost

Buckeye Automation Inc. - Chris Frost

  • In the past seventeen years my career has been focused on automated industrial equipment. Having experience in every major aspect of automation has really taught me to identify and eliminate potential problems with projects at the earliest points possible. Customer Interfacing, process evaluations, conceptual planning, project management, equipment design, manufacturing, programming, and equipment support are all key areas that a successful project depends upon. My training and experiences allow me to contribute in each of these key areas without disregarding the others.
  • In 1993 I began my career spending more than six years with a large Japanese auto parts manufacturer near Saint Paris, Ohio. This manufacturer has been a leader in lean manufacturing utilizing a great deal of automation and robotics. My group was responsible for the over all efficiency of the equipment. Dealing with more than ten different types of robots, over two hundred combined, I gained knowledge at a rapid pace as a member of the equipment support group. Most of my time was spent troubleshooting and counter measuring equipment deficiencies in robots, welding systems, PLCs, HMIs, Hydraulics, and Pneumatics. I gained experience in project management, engineering, design and real world machine build, as well as research and development of new technology.
  • In 1999 I took on the responsibility of controls engineer with a local machine builder. In this position I was given the opportunity to work with a wider variety of automation such as water jet cutting, machine tending, welding, palletizing and deburring. I gained a lot more programming and electrical design knowledge as a controls engineer. It took one year to become an engineering project manager. With this position I gained confidence in dealing with customers and managing much larger projects as well as designing for new customers to meet their standards and build equipment that would fit any application. In 2001 I stepped in to the role of Systems Manufacturing Manger which introduced many more challenges, including manpower, production scheduling, effective communications, business planning, business management, and customer support.
  • Over the years I have worked with many different pieces of equipment such as: Nachi Robotics and servo guns, Fanuc Robotics, servo guns and drives, Motoman robotics, Honda robotics, OTC robotics, Yaskawa PLCs and drives, Mitsubishi PLCs and drives, Allen Bradley PLCs and drives, Omron PLCs, GEFanuc PLCs, Many different HMI applications including Visual Basic, AutoCAD, welding and torch cutting and many more. I have worked in sales, project management, engineering, design and build. I am very proud of my training and experience that I have received and believe it has made me capable of being a leader in my field.
  • In 2003, George Frost and I utilized our combined experiences and founded Buckeye Automation Inc. With hard work and dedication we’ve been able to build it up to what it is today. A team of professionals dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible automated solutions we can provide.