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Sick Laser Scanners

posted Jan 13, 2015, 4:06 PM by Buckeye Automation
In a market crowded with sensors, BAI has had large demand this past year for SICK's Laser Scanners. Buckeye Automation sold and installed more SICK Scanners than any other Integrator in their region. Monitoring small surfaces and detecting objects at close range are the strengths of the laser scanners. Typical areas of operation include safeguarding small automatic vehicles, and stationary plant where small areas are to be monitored, or where gaining access from behind other monitoring systems is to be reliably prevented. The PLS Short Range is a Category 3 non-contract safety device conforming to EN 954 and Type 3 according to IEC/EN 61496. Thus, the device does not cut back on safety - only on price. BAI is not a sales rep for SICK by any means, but staying on the cutting edge of technology is where BAI wants to be and SICK's Laser Scanners are right there with them.

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